Semi-Automatic Washing Machine:- These entry-level washing machines have two tubs, After washing the cloth, if drying is needed, the clothes have to be Shifted manually to the drying tub for the drying clothes. These are also the lowest and usually cost Rs 9,500-20,000.

Pro:     1- Washing cycle requires less time.

             2- They don’t need a permanent water connection.

             3- You can also closely regulate the wash cycle in this type of washing machine,

             4-they requires less water as compared to an automatic machine

Cons:  1- These machines require manual control/intervention.

            2-You may have to remove the Plug from the electric board while moving clothes from washing to drying, (if the wiring in the house is not properly earthed).

            3- these machines are also bigger in size and need more space,

            4-they have only top loading feature, no front loading.

Fully-Automatic Washing Machine:- These washing machines have only one tub, where you can perform all functions like washing and drying all in one tub. So you don’t need to shift your clothes. And

These are of two types—Top loading and Front loading.

Top loading:- This is the most common type of washing machine. Clothes are placed on the top of the washing tub, and a lid closed. These are of two types: agitators and impellers. Agitators have a pole with fins that protrude from the bottom of the drum and moves the clothes around. Impellers have propellers at the bottom, which churns the water to move the clothes. Price range starts from INR 14000 to INR  35000.

Pros:  1- Generally cheaper than front loaders

            2- You can add clothes midway through the wash cycle.

            3-  Usually lighter in weight

            4-  Wide range of models and feature choices is available

Cons:  1- They use a lot of water.

            2- Those with agitators are rougher on clothes, while impellers are good for delicate materials, but tend to tangle clothes.


Front Loading:- This washing machine will have a door at the front for placing clothes inside, the drum rotates, tumbling the clothes to clean them. Price range is from INR 20,000 TO INR 50,000

Pros:    1- they are more water efficient and the most energy

              2- Wash quality much better the top loading because of a tumble wash.

              3-And some washers have a heating element for an extra hot wash.

Cons:  1- Needs a fixed place. Cannot be moved around.

            2- Smaller range and capacities available.

            3- Weight will be higher than top loading machines


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