Seasonal demands of consumers are transforming with changing environment and increasing population, especially in metro cities. Earlier people use to spend most of their summer time outside; fresh air used to be the only way of dealing with hot days. Consumers’ contemporary demand of modern equipments gave birth to Air Conditioners (AC). Increasing population & pollution deleteriously affected fresh air, in result of this people started demanding equipments that can substitute fresh air. The impact of such change can be seen with the fact that about 85% of families in metro cities who can afford modern lifestyle have one or two Air conditioners fitted in their house.

Currently there are N numbers of companies producing Air conditioners and are in race of becoming top seller. Daikin, Career, Voltas, Panasonic, Whirlpool, LG, and Ogeneral are few names of top Air conditioner sellers that are serving retail & commercial demands. With so much competition in Air Conditioner industry buyers look for those brands that are energy saver & cost effective. If you are also looking for Air Conditioner this summer or planning to change existing one then following points may be very useful in your buying decision.

  • Purpose of buying Air Conditioner is first important point that should be consider while selecting brand. If you are looking for Air Conditioner for commercial use then you must know the efficiency of Split Air Conditioner. Larger split AC is perfect for commercial use as they will be in recommended range of BTU (British Thermal Unit). And for smaller rooms or for personal use you can select window AC that are small but perfect for required area of cooling.
  • As a buyer you will always look for AC that are cost effective and energy saver. In order to save money you must have good voltage stabilizer to maintain voltage because the compressor present in the outdoor unit works within range of 190V-240V. Thus, you must add cost of voltage stabilizer in cost of buying good AC.
  • Maintenance is another factor you should keep in mind. While most of the sellers provide few initial cleaning services free of cost, you must also see how often AC require filter cleaning as it will add an extra time and effort in your daily routine. 
  • After taking buying decision your seller must provide you proper guidance on where AC should be installed. They should be reliable enough in guiding you about which area of your room has maximum fresh air and how will inside moisture drained out. Last but not the least, the filter should be properly fitted so that it can be accessible and can be cleaned or removed to reduce energy consumption.

Buying an AC is smart decision not just because it’s a modern lifestyle feature but it improves quality of your life as well. Fresh air indoor makes you feel fresh and energetic and hence improve quality of your work.  Choice of best AC can be based on expert advice and several reliable online data providers may help in selecting right AC for you.

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