Voltas Air condiioners dealer at Noida

If you are looking for Voltas AC dealer at Noida then look no further than Kay Dee Electronics. We will help you to find budget friendly Voltas Air conditioners at Noida.

As the global temperatures are rising and India being in the tropical zone, the climate is really hot most of the year round. Scorching heat and humidity can seriously affect your daily routine and also cause various health problems.

AC is one of the most important household machines which can be seen in the majority of the places you visit nowadays.

Top Voltas Air Conditioners in India 2020

These are 10 best Voltas Air Conditioners to buy this summer season:

  • Voltas 183 CZP 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window
  • Voltas 1.0 Ton 2 Star 122 LZF Window AC
  • Voltas 123EYi 1.0 Ton Split AC
  • Voltas 185 LY Luxury Y Series Window AC
  • Voltas 183PYR 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Air Conditioner
  • Voltas 1.5 Ton 18V IY Inverter Split Air Conditioner
  • Voltas All Weather Air Conditioner 1.5T - SAC 18HY
  • Voltas 2S Window Air Conditioner 1.5T - WAC 182 DY
  • Voltas Magna 185 MX|1.5 Ton|5 Star|Split Air Conditioner
  • Voltas Delux (DC Inverter) 18V DX|1.5 Ton|Split Air Conditioner

Best Voltas Window Air conditioners

Best Voltas Split Air conditioners

Why Choose Voltas Split Air conditioner? 

Voltas has made sure with the introduction of this split AC, that the consumers will get a better and innovative cooling technology in homes now.

The Voltas 1.5 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC gives the much needed comfort and cooling facilities that you will need in the scorching heat. The AC has different modes which can be controlled according to the type of cooling you want and it also comes with different filters to maintain a hygienic and fresh environment within the room.

It has a 3-star rating which is good enough to save a lot of energy and money in bills and in fact this Voltas AC is Best Budget Oriented 1.5 Ton AC available in Indian Market.

This AC has different modes like the Sleep mode, turbo mode and swing mode which allows the user to get different cooling effects. An active Dehumidifier helps the AC to sense the indoor humidity and controls it in the monsoon.

The condenser coil is made of 100% copper which gives better and efficient cooking. It features a High Ambient Cooling mode which can cool down the temperature even when it is 52 degrees outside.

Smooth Voltage operation keeps it protected from high voltage fluctuations which might otherwise damage the motor.

Pros of Voltas Air Conditioners 

  • High Ambient Cooling for the versatile cooling experience even during the hottest of days.
  • Steady Cool compressor helps to provide consistent cooling and saves energy.
  • Turbo Mode helps to cool down any surrounding within a few minutes.
  • 100% copper condenser for efficient usage of electricity and saves energy.
  • Advanced Triple Filters helps to remove dirt, dust and bad odour from the room and gives a fresh air all around.

Cons of Voltas Air Conditioners 

  • Can make significant noise when it has been made to bring down the temperature.
  • The outdoor unit makes ample noise as well.

Planning to Buy Voltas Air conditioners At Noida

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