When Technology has made many things in our lives comfortable, deciding the best fridge among hundreds of similar models isn’t one of them. Family size and lifestyle are only a few of the factors that influence a purchase.  Here are our tips to choose the best fridge for you.

1- Choose your Style-

            1-Top mount fridges and freezers are the most common and usually the least expensive.

           2- Side-by-side refrigerators are another popular style,

          3- Bottom mount models have been steadily increasing in popularity for some time.

4-Consider a refrigerator drawer if you need extra refrigeration space in your kitchen. They aren't big enough to serve as a primary refrigerator for most households because they're intended to hold specialty items such as beverages.

2- Choose your size-The other dimensions to consider are the refrigerator's width and height. Typically, models are around 68 inches tall and between 30 and 36 inches wide. Your new fridge has to fit in your kitchen, so measure carefully. And don't forget to measure the size of your doorways as well to make sure delivery and installation go smoothly.

3- Choose your features-Some of the basic features common to almost all models of refrigerators add shelves, crisper drawers, and door compartments.

1.       Icemakers
2.      Water dispensers
3.      Adjustable shelving
4.      Moisture controls
5.      Auto-defrosting functions
6.      Enclosed condenser coils

4-Choose your brand-Consumer reviews often break down appliances by brand, but it’s good to realize that only a few companies actually manufacture most of the major brands out there.

For example: Samsung, LG, Whirlpool,Electrolux, etc…

5- Make Your Decision-“Make sure to confirm that the price includes all the features you want, such as that icemaker, as well as delivery and installation, including hooking up that icemaker to a water line and disposal of your current refrigerator,”

6- Check online reviews and consumer testing sites to find out which models are highly rated by people who have used them. Check to see which brands have repair services available in your area.


Happy Buying & Great Cooling!

Kaydeeelectronics.com Team